Double Eagle Private Security TrainingDouble Eagle Private Security, Inc. provides training, for a fee, to all prospective employees. We also contract with external security agencies to train their security officers, as well as train individuals seeking security officer training and certification. We provide:

  • BSIS Guard Card training
  • BSIS firearm training with both classroom and range instruction
  • Taser International training
  • O.C. training
  • Handcuffing training
  • BSIS required AB-2880 continuing education training
  • Verbal de-escalation training
  • Personal self-defense training for security officers

In addition, our trainees have the options of learning the following procedures and concepts:



Preventing security problems is better than having to confront them when they occur. Trainees learn how to:

  • Create a visible, professional and commanding officer presence
  • Anticipate problems before they occur and act appropriately
  • Utilize principles of conflict resolution and voluntary compliance



March 4, 2010 042In addition to being good observers, our private security personnel are trained to offer protection to people and property. We encourage and assist trainees in acquiring supplemental skills needed for this. Areas of additional training offered are:

  • Principles of escalation and de-escalation of force
  • Advanced communication skills and practice
  • Intermediate defensive weapons training



A professional officer commands respect and inspires the cooperation of others. Our trainees learn:

  • Proper maintenance of uniforms and duty gear
  • Good work ethics and a sense of pride in one’s work
  • Courtesy toward all yet the ability to be firm or forceful when necessary

Call us for a free training price quote at (707) 750-5299. Discounts are available if more than three students collectively enroll per class.